Bringing stories alive!

There is something wonderful about how we as humans can experience life.
Because we have cognition we are able to imagine things that don't happen and imagine different possible futures for ourselves. 

We can create meaning out of the things we experience.
We create stories about how we are and what we do and why we do shay we do.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our stories that we forget we created it.
That happens because we don't create most stories consciously . The story about ourselves is created by the metaphors that we live by subconsciously.

Many of those stories come from the society we live. They come from our parents who tell us who we should be and why. Many are rooted in spiritual and religious stories that are metaphorical in nature. 

All those stories we are told influence how you create the story of YOU. 

Unless we take a moment and stand still by the stories we tell ourselves we use those that are handed down to us.

We take on roles in our stories and see ourselves as doing what that persona should do according to that role. Sometimes we think we are in one role and sometimes in another role.

The interesting thing is that no matter what role you think you are in you can take any role you want and we combine different roles for different situations.

Even more interesting is that because that story plays itself inside yourself. You play ALL the roles. 

When you feel impressed in your life that is mostly because you take the role of the prisoner in your story but you are the guard too. You walked in that prison, you locked the door, you stayed in the prison, you are the one that can open it, you are the only one that can set you free. 

That make prisoners out of your stories. 

You are the Chosen One AND the one that chooses that because no matter what people tell you, you accept it or you don't.

You begin to see how relative all those positions and roles are and you can begin to have more freedom in how you create your story.

Make it epic! It's up to you!