What people are saying about Tijl Deconynck Coaching.



Koen J:

"I had challenges with talking to people I didn't know and striking up new conversations. I was also looking for a new balance in my life. Tijl helped me gain my confidence and see new possibilities in my life I didn't see before. I am more certain of myself and dare to be myself where I otherwise could not before."

Leonardo E.S:

"I had trouble focusing on what I needed to do and was easily distracted. Tijl taught me some meditation techniques and helped me become more focused. Thanks to that I was able to succeed my drivers test and I am very grateful. "

Jareth G:

I had serious social anxiety. Tijl talked to me and in one conversation learned me how to be confident again. Now I can talk to people when I want. I feel much more relaxed and confident in groups and enjoy my life much more."

Christine Philipp:

"I had the pleasure to work with Tijl some time ago. His very friendly, non-judgemental and relaxed demeanour opened me up very fast. I felt very trusting and warm. He helped me to calm down, ease and open my view to see and experience things from a different and more wide perspective. It helped me to move forward in my business and personally and to relax more about uncertainties.
I would recommend Tijl to everyone and give him virtually 5-stars for his work."

Rian Konings:

"Tijl told me that he could get rid off my spider phobia. I was very sceptic about it because I was so scared of them but in just a couple of hours he took it away. Not over night, but day by day I realized that I wasn`t scared of spiders anymore. Now this day i kill them without blinking . So thanks Tijl, as a single parent who doesn't need anybody for killing spiders anymore. "

Dana DeFries:

"At the time I was confused and depressed about a situation in my life regarding love. I was confused and scared and didn't know which direction to take. Actually, I know exactly what I had to do but was too afraid to do so. Maybe my self worth wasn't intact, maybe I was just too afraid, maybe I just wanted what could it be.

After hours of discussion with Tijl, he helped me realize that through self reflection and proper communication how I need to proceed. You see, all along I knew what to do but I just did not want to face it. I took his advice, reflected on my situation, reflecting on my own self-worth and I was able to make the right decision.

It's been a few months since this conversation and I have been without a significant other since. What makes this situation different than all the others is I'm finally comfortable being on my own. I may not have a significant other at this time but I know myself worth now and I know that the right person will come at the right time. For many years I was looking for somebody for the wrong reasons, to fill a gap in my life to fill a hole. I can walk this life alone currently with a smile on my face and my head up high. I know that the right person will come at the right time and I have ceased looking.

For the first time in my life I can say I'm truly happy. I'm extraordinarily lucky to of come across this man, for he has helped me in ways he will never understand."